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So much has changed in our world since mid-March. I miss being on the steps with your kids on Sunday morning. I miss sneaking into the sanctuary after church to spy on their choir rehearsals. I miss hearing from week to week about the connections they have made to things that they are learning about God.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: God is with us. Even now. And my prayer, always, is that we are helping our kids to know that in their very bones.

This Fall, we want to focus on ways to support your family as the greenhouse where a love of God, stories of Jesus, and glimpses of the Holy Spirit take root for your WHOLE family. We’ve put together what we like to call Church in a Box, a container for ways we will Celebrate Wonder together in the weeks to come. We know that the weight of everything happening “virtually” is heavy, and we hope that we’ve created a flexible way for your family to develop some spiritual practices at home while learning and growing.

Church in a Box will include resources for a weekly lesson, weekly worship, and a daily family ritual. (Stress not!! We know that daily is subject to all the pressures of life!) This year, we will be using Cokesbury’s new curriculum Celebrate Wonder. To accompany the resources in the box, you will receive a weekly message from Faith that connects you to video resources for the week including a parent video, a lesson video and a story video (including members of Faith reading for the kids!).

-Pastor Laura


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